How it Works
Fashion for Globe’s intuitive cloud-based platform provides advanced matching tools and proprietary search algorithms to connect you with 3,000+ designers and artisans in over 150 countries.

Here are four ways to identify and produce must-have items and achieve essential brand-differentiation:

FFG Marketplace
Shop FFG’s curated global marketplace for 10,000+ readymade designs, color palettes and techpacks — the fastest way from design to delivery

FFG Commissions
Select a single designer to create a missing must-have or a capsule collection —or assemble a virtual design team for your entire seasonal delivery

Public Contests
Launch anonymous contests with your specific requirements and creative direction — instantly receive designs from the FFG community of 3000+ designers — without revealing your brand

Private Contests
Launch brand-specific contests with your requirements and creative direction — inviting a select group or FFG’s entire community of 3000+ creatives to quickly deliver on-brand designs from which to choose