Girish Siddappa
Girish Siddappa founded Fashion For Globe to fulfill his long-held dream of connecting undiscovered designers and artisans around the world with manufactures and brands who could use their fresh ideas and talents. While trained in technology, Girish’s focus as been on the creative side ever since a professional experience with Nordstrom exposed him to the fashion industry and the way technology impacts design. At that time was a senior systems analyst at Infosys, working directly under since-retired CEO Mr. Shibu Lal. As his career advanced, Girish sought opportunities to apply his technical expertise towards creating products and services that would empower creative users in the fashion industry. He served as Senior Systems Analyst at Gerber Technology, and in 2010 launched PLM technology Inc. where he remains CEO. Girish holds an engineering degree in computer science from JMIT of Kuvempu University, India.